Malware Development

These are the voyages of a security enthusiast. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new knowledge. To seek out new ideas and new technics. To boldly go where no one has gone before!

How can you understand the movements of malware? The answer is so simple. It would help if you learned how you could develop malware. You should think like an attacker! I'm comparing malware analysis with penetration testing. So, if you know how to develop an application in the target technology, you can analyze the behavior of a system, and you can find vulnerabilities in a system.

Every time I start to learn or test new technology, I'm practicing to build a basic application in the target language.

Useful knowledge might be found inside the below links about malware development.

A mix of everything: :)

Step by step and technic by technic, Cocomelonc is giving wonderful details about malware development and analysis in his blog with a good perspective.

Thanks to @aas_s3curity 's tweet I found a valuable malware development blog series in 0xpat's blog.

0xpat's first post to track others:

Online training:

Both might be more specific than the above but I like them:

​ Also, I found a continuing playlist on YouTube made by ActiveXsploit that hasn't finished yet.

These are my resources to understand malware development. Also, I'm trying to cosubstrate with Red Teaming technics besides working only on Malware development. Because; malware is a coded version of the Red Teaming technics in order from my perspective. So, I'll make a rich list for Red Teaming later.


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